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Inflation Impacting Mortgage Rates

Rising inflation is a concern for most Americans and impacts every sector of the economy. Inflation might seem to be an alarming term for many real estate investors. Fortunately, real estate is historically and arguably the best inflation hedge in any asset class.

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Refinance Rates on the Rise

Refinance Rates on the Rise There has never been a better time than now to refinance. With rates at historic lows and starting to climb it’s highly recommended to lock in your best rate today! What is Refinancing? When you refinance your primary home or rental property you effectively take...

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Financing keys to succeed in Real Estate Investing

One of the most important keys to success in any endeavor is a comprehensive, well-defined plan. As active investors ourselves, we believe the four most essential financing pointers to help you accomplish your goals in real estate are. These are the financing keys to succeed in real estate investing: A)...

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Portfolio & Blanket Loans

Portfolio loans, also known as blanket loans, are real estate loans that allow investors to finance multiple properties under one loan. They are an excellent way to reduce transactional costs and interest rates, buy entire portfolios, and improve an investor’s lifestyle by having one easy monthly payment. Factors that Differentiate...

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Low Interest Rates Increase Cash Flow for
Houston Buy & Hold Investors

Lower interest rates can increase your cash flow. Right now, interest rates for non-owner occupied, landlord loans (also known as rental property loans) are near record lows – meaning as a buy and hold investor in Houston (where our home office is located), Texas, or anywhere in the country, you’ll...

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