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Non - Conventional Loans

Non-Conventional Lending

Our Non-Conventional products are for investors that want to build long-term wealth by adding rental properties, but cannot qualify for conventional financing; or prefer the flexibility and increased liability protection. 

You could be self-employed or have already reached your conventional maximum property limit and still qualify for this outstanding product!

For most products, no income docs are required and the approval is based on the property and its ability to cover the debt service (including principal, interest, taxes, insurance and homeowners association dues).  Loans based on the property’s ability to cover the debt are often called debt service coverage ratio or DSCR loans.

Whatever the case may be, with this product you can buy rental properties at very competitive rates and terms.

Non-Conventional Loan Options

Program Highlights Include:

Minimal Asset Documentation Required

Purchase or Cash-Out options available

Property may not have to be leased to qualify

No Income Verification options available

No limit on the number of properties financed

Blanket loan options are available

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