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Dallas Real Estate Market Trends 2024

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2024 Dallas Real Estate Market Trends

As we step into 2024, real estate investors can find a silver lining after a year dominated by soaring interest rates and record home prices. The gradual decline in interest rates offers investors increased maneuverability within their financial plans, presenting potential opportunities for property acquisitions.

dallas median listing home prices

Dallas Snapshot

Realtor.com reports that the median listing home price in Dallas, TX was $425K in January 2024, trending down -1.2% year-over-year. The median listing home price per square foot was $252. The median home sold price was $411.9K.

In January 2024, Dallas presented a prime opportunity for real estate investors as it transitioned into a buyer’s market. The supply of homes outweighed the demand, creating favorable conditions for investors seeking strategic acquisitions.

March 2024 Market Update

Tune in and stay up to date with the current real estate investment market.
We will be led by Catalyst Funding’s industry experts, CEO Wade Comeaux, our Director of Lending, Jeff Johnson, and special guest, Steve Davis, CEO, Total Wealth Academy.

Let’s dive into: 

  • National and Texas leading indicators
  • Recent numbers for San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Austin
  • Lending Updates and Today’s rates

Shifts in Market Dynamics?

Fresh insights from Freddie Mac indicate a notable dip in average mortgage rates, falling below 7% in December for the first time since August. The prior peak of approximately 8% in October had a pronounced impact on housing costs, reaching levels not seen since 2000. This shift is particularly relevant for real estate investors, as it signifies a potential shift in market dynamics.

“Fueled by a robust economy, business-friendly environment, and growing population, the Lone Star State continues to attract eager investors.”

Zumper Rent Report - Texas 2024 renting vs owning

Renting vs Homeownership Trends

Furthermore, the 2023 Zumper Annual Rent Report highlights how high interest rates influenced the rental market, with homes becoming 52% more expensive than rentals—the widest gap on record.

Investors may also note that these steep rates deterred over 69% of renters from entering the homeownership market in the previous year.

2024 Commercial Projections from Catalyst Funding

Commercial Projections in Texas

Looking forward to 2024, the Texas commercial real estate market is set for steady growth in office, retail, and industrial properties. Multifamily housing also remains an attractive option with shifting preferences.
To thrive in the dynamic Texas market, investors must conduct thorough research, collaborate with local experts, diversify portfolios, and stay updated on market trends.

As we anticipate the opportunities in the Texas real estate market for 2024, remember that Catalyst Funding stands ready to support your investment journey. With our deep roots in real estate lending and extensive experience in thousands of transactions, we offer tailored products and services to meet the unique needs of both seasoned investors and first-time flippers alike.

Contact Us today to talk about your next real estate investment opportunity in the profitable Texas market.

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