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Blanket and Portfolio lending in Texas

Blanket & Portfolio Lending

Portfolio and blanket loans are both types of financing used in real estate and investment scenarios. They offer unique advantages for investors who are looking to manage multiple properties or assets efficiently.

They are an excellent way to reduce transactional costs and interest rates, buy or refinance entire portfolios and improve an investor’s lifestyle by having one easy monthly payment.

These loans offer greater flexibility in terms of property types and underwriting criteria. We also consider a broader range of factors beyond traditional credit scores and debt-to-income ratios.

In these loans, the properties serve as collateral for the loan collectively. If one property underperforms, the strength of the other properties can help balance the risk.

Catalyst Program Highlights

Pros of Using Blanket / Portfolio Loans

  • Best in class interest rates and fee structure including:
    • No escrow/closing fees on refinances 
    • Potential Waiver of survey requirements 
  • One easy payment with one lender.
    • Easier tracking and bookkeeping
  • An unlimited number of properties you can purchase or refinance – up to 20 units
  • Excellent pricing and much lower closing costs
    • One closing, one title policy, one doc set resulting in thousands of dollars saved.
  • Ability to borrow in an entity, such as an LLC.
    • Owning assets in an LLC provides additional protection for personal assets.
  • Ability to lend in all states excluding Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Idaho.

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