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Catalyst Funding is a hard money lender for real estate investors in Houston, TX. We provide short-term, hard money loans for distressed real estate properties.  This includes single-family residences, 2-4 unit residences, townhomes and even condos. We can help provide fast and easy access to investment funding for a variety of situations, such as fix and flip, foreclosures, trustee sales, auctioned properties, outdated properties, neglected properties, permit issues, home inspection issues, vandalized properties, abandoned properties, fire and water damage.

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Are you looking for a reputable fix & flip, buy and hold, ARV, or hard money lender in Houston, TX? We can help you access the funds, resources, and skills you need to win big in this explosive period of real estate investment.

If you’re a real estate investor with an eye for property, excel at multitasking, enjoy setting and achieving goals, and are looking for a fix and flip lender that is just as committed to your success as you are, then we look forward to getting to know you better!

Find out why Catalyst Funding is one of the best hard money lending companies in Houston, TX. Our team of hard money loan specialists can help accelerate your future in real estate investment. We offer fast, easy, asset-based ARV loans for fix and flip real estate rehab. Call (832) 648-3626 to learn more.

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