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Your One Stop Shop for Hard Money Loans & Permanent Financing Loans

  • Texas’s Widest Range of Products
  • One Point of Contact for all Loans
  • Fully Licensed Loan Officers
  • One Credit Pull for Multiple Products
  • Integrated process to save time & money

Hard Money

  • Purchase and Repair Distressed Real Estate
  • Leverage Your Cash to do more Deals
  • Rates Start as Low as 6.99% & 2 points
  • 100% Financing Available - No LTC requirements
  • Fast Closings - 7 Days or Less


  • Best in Class Rates & Fees
  • Expertise in Analyzing Complex Tax Returns
  • We Close Conventional Deals others Will Not
  • Ability to Finance Several Deals at Once
  • Cash-out Loans to Fuel Your Real Estate Investing
  • Non-Conventional &
    Blanket Loans

  • Rates as Low as 3.875% on 30YR Fixed Loans
  • Borrow in LLC or other Entities
  • Make room for more Conventional Loans
  • No Income Docs Required
  • Easy VRBO / Airbnb Qualification
  • Get Pre-Approved with Catalyst Funding.

    Hard Money & Permanent  Financing

    As Texas’s best lender, we provide short and long-term funding solutions for real estate investment. This includes flips, buy and hold, blanket loans, and even owner-occupied loans (such as cash-out loans) – and often you can be approved for multiple loan products with only one credit pull! 

    Call us today at (832) 699 6960 to find out if Catalyst Funding is the right Texas lender for you. Request a free consultation with the hard money pros at Catalyst Funding.

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