Hard Money Loan Qualifications

Can I get fast mortgage financing, even though the bank said no?

When you need cash fast for a real estate rehab project, Catalyst Funding is there for you with best-in-class customer service and competitive, flexible rates and terms.

Catalyst has loans for every real estate investor. Whether you are looking to do a complete remodel, convert to a rental property, or simply clean up a property and put it on the market, we can help you secure the financing you need for your next project.

When inquiring about funding, simply click our Apply Now button and complete an online pre-qualification. Once complete you will receive a reply from one of our team members with terms within 24-48 hours.  Most closings occur within 10 days of signed contracts.

Catalyst Funding even considers customers with previous credit issues. We do not have a minimum FICO score requirement and can issue approvals even with past bankruptcy or foreclosure. The most important things we consider are your character, the project itself, and its potential.