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Lower interest rates can increase your cash flow.

Right now, interest rates for non-owner occupied, landlord loans (also known as rental property loans) are near record lows – meaning as a buy and hold investor in Houston (where our home office is located), Texas, or anywhere in the country, you’ll be paying less on your mortgage payments and putting more money in your pocket. Rates were as high as 18% for primary purchases during the 1980s, so today’s record lows can make a huge difference for real estate investors.

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What Does It Mean to Buy and Hold?

A common real estate investment strategy, buying and holding is the process of purchasing a property with the intention of holding it for an extended period of time. These properties are then leased to renters, generating monthly rental income. If a quality investment property has been chosen, its value could appreciate year after year, increasing the investor’s equity in the property. Buy and hold investing usually produces a steady stream of cash flow, which is money the investor receives on a regular basis (like monthly rental income) from their investment properties. Positive cash flow is the remaining cash after all expenses have been paid.  

How Do Interest Rates Impact Cash Flow?

When applying for a loan, evaluating interest rates is important. A 1% difference can affect your cash flow rather significantly. If you save $25 on your monthly mortgage payments, then that’s an additional $25 in cash flow you can pocket each month.  

What Are the Current Interest Rates?

In both Houston and across the country, interest rates are lowering, creating ample opportunities for real estate investors. Now is the time to concentrate on buy-and-hold strategies in the local market as interest rates for non-owner occupied, landlord loans have reached historic lows. And while non-owner-occupied loans have higher interest rates than owner-occupied loans due to being riskier in nature, the range of highs and lows has been steadily decreasing since the 1980s:


Interest Rate Low

Interest Rate High













Rates can change by the minute and are impacted by a wide variety of factors; however, most investors can still take advantage of amazing rates at the time of writing this article.

Capitalize on Buy and Hold Strategies

Take advantage of low interest rates. Now is the time to capitalize on buy and hold strategies. Fast track your next investment and increase your cash flow by partnering with Catalyst Funding. We offer a wide variety of products for your next rental property loan. We offer conforming loans (best pricing), non-conforming loans (far more flexible and no income docs are required), and even blanket or portfolio loans (allowing you to buy an entire package of properties or refinance 10, 50 or more at one time)! As a real estate investor, you’ll be confident in the value and support our team brings to the table:

  • Experienced talent. We are a team of real estate lenders built by real estate investors. Who better to partner with than a lender that’s been in your shoes? Just as we’re helping borrowers successfully buy and hold, in another division, our company is investing in flips and rentals ourselves. Many of our team (including many loan officers) are flipping and holding rentals for themselves. We know the ins and outs of this industry, and we’ll help you down the path to success.
  • One-on-One Consultation. Partner with a highly experienced, trusted advisor that aims to help you thrive. With Catalyst’s single point of contact model, you’ll work with the same loan officer throughout the process from start to finish for all of the products we offer. Our experienced LO’s will advise you on the best strategy and products as well as helping you develop a plan of action to meet your goals.
  • Privacy protection. At Catalyst Funding, we’re committed to keeping your information private. We use the fastest, easiest, and safest technology for income and asset verification, and we service our own hard money loans.
  • Repairs and Draws: All draw requests are reviewed by an experienced project manager or other senior member of our team, adding an additional layer of protection by providing a second set of eyes to review repairs in an attempt to only pay for work properly completed. If one someone on our team is not doing the on-site inspection, we utilize inspectors, not appraisers, meaning a more qualified, well trained third party is helping you avoid costly mistakes. This is a major differentiator from many of our competitors.

Are you ready to start increasing your cash flow? Then contact Catalyst Funding today or fill out a loan application to begin the preapproval process. Our team is standing by, ready to help you accelerate your future in real estate. Interested in learning more about how buying and holding, interest rates, and cash flow are all connected?

Make the Investment Today

Now that you know more about buying and holding, are you ready to invest? Then partner with Catalyst Funding. Contact us today or fill out a loan application. We’ll help you develop a plan and provide the financing you need to achieve your goals and accelerate your cash flow.