Fix and Flip Loans in Houston, TX

Houston House Flipping Made Easy with a Hard Money Loan

There are many ways for smart investors to leverage the power of hard money loans for flipping houses. These three are the most common:

  1. Fix and flip. (Purchase, repair, and quickly sell the property.)
  2. Purchase, no repairs, and sell. (Quickly purchase and resell the property.)
  3. Refinance, rehab, and resell. (Acquire funds to repair a property already owned. Quickly resell.)

Types of House-Flipping Loans

Hard Money Loans for Real Estate Rehab

Hard money loans for real estate rehab allow you to quickly secure distressed real estate, finance the repairs, and get the property back on the market much faster than any other type of property loan or mortgage.

Hard money loans are typically used in house-flipping rehab projects. The funds are used to secure damaged or distressed real estate properties, finance necessary renovations, and quickly resell them at a profit. Therefore, this type of real estate financing is also commonly referred to as house-flipping or fix and flip loans.

Handyman Special Financing

If you’re looking for handyman special financing, then chances are you’re in the market for an a hard money loan with after repair value (ARV) loan terms. It represents the estimated or appraised value of a distressed property after the proposed repairs are complete. Hard money lenders typically lend 65-75% of the calculated after repair value. In order to determine this value, a ‘Subject to Repairs’ appraisal is required. The term, after repair value loans, is simply another way of saying hard money loans for distressed real estate rehab.

Fix and flip handyman special loans are typically short-term, asset-based loans most often secured by distressed or damaged real estate properties. Their hard money terms are typically short, with an average term of 6-12 months. They are typically issued by private investors or companies, are interest-only, and are not regulated like conventional mortgages, bank lenders, or credit unions.

Hard Money Loans without Repairs

Another way in which smart real estate investors are able to leverage hard money house-flipping loans is simply on the speed of the transaction.

The fact that these hard money loans can close in as little as 7-14 days can often be the difference that motivates the seller to select a buyers offer or, alternatively, may be the only lending solution to able to close in time (such as when a foreclosure is pending). The speed of this type of hard money loan often helps negotiate better accommodations or a lower sales price.

These factors often allow the savvy property investor the ability to flip a property at a higher price, generating a considerable ROI in a very short amount of time.

Real Estate Rehab Loans for Owned Property

This scenario provides a fast investment to repair a distressed property that you already own. Similar to the two other types of loans for house flipping covered here, speed is of the essence. This hard money loan provides fast and easy access to a wide range of resources needed to get the property repaired and back on the market at a much higher price than is current value.

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