Catalyst Funding Client Testimonials

Hear from other investors who have partnered with Catalyst Funding for their real estate investment needs. 

Cathy Saenz

“My loan officer is amazing. He set the tone for the entire transaction. Every team member that I worked with was the same…Everyone I met genuinely cared about the process and getting us through, which was great!”

Xavier Vera

“Catalyst has a great history. They have been very easy to work with, have great rates, and they’ll walk you through the steps to help you get your next deal done…I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a good lender.”

Dennis Gafford

“It was just as smooth as it could be. We had such a great experience and built a level of trust that allowed us to move forward and go from deal to deal to deal…Now they have my complete confidence and I work with them on a regular basis.”

Glen Champagne 

“I would recommend Catalyst to anyone investing in real estate, or for any purpose. The people are easy to work with, honest, and all my questions were answered.”

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