Rental Property Loans in Houston TX

What Is a Rental Property Loan?

Rental property loans fit many different categories. They are also known as buy and hold loans, fix and hold loans, landlord loans, and portfolio loans. These types of hard money loans are a great way to begin building a comprehensive rental portfolio. Whether you need to purchase or refinance, repair or just remarket, our hard money buy & hold loan program can get you into the rental property market quickly and easily.

There are many ways to leverage this type of rental portfolio loan. These are the three most common:

  1. Purchase, Repair & Refinance
  2. Purchase, No Repairs & Refinance
  3. Refinance, Repair & Refinance

Types of Portfolio & Rental Property Loans

Loans for Purchase, Fix & Rent

Rental property loans are perfect when you want to purchase, fix, and rent a distressed property. This particular long term rental property loan program starts off like a standard fix & flip hard money loan, but after the purchase and repair transitions to a more conventional mortgage, loan, or alternative financial product. This loan type is where the term ‘rental property loan’ comes from.

Loans for Fast Purchase & Refinance

This type of hard money loan also a great option when you need to acquire a property faster than you can close a traditional mortgage. This type of hard money loan gives you the speed and leverage of a hard money, asset-based loan for acquiring a property that is not in need of repairs. Once the property is acquired, it is then refinanced into another type of long term investment property loan, such as a traditional mortgage, loan, or alternative product.

Loans to Repair Your Distressed Property

This last kind of buy & hold hard money loan is ideal for refinancing a property you already own for the purpose of substantial repairs. Once these repairs are complete, this loan transitions to a more conventional loan or mortgage, to produce ROI as a rental property.

Get Pre-Approved Today for a Houston Rental Property Loan

Catalyst Funding is one of the most trusted portfolio lenders in the Houston area. Our buy & hold loan program is perfect for real estate investors looking for landlord loans, portfolio loans, and rental property loans. We can help you fast track your next real estate property investment. If you think that a Catalyst Funding signature hard money loan might be a good fit for your next rental property investment, then call today. Our knowledgeable hard money financing experts are standing by. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you accelerate your future in real estate.

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