Which Real Estate Networking Events Are Worth Your Time?

The importance of networking cannot be stated enough, especially in the real estate industry. With deals coming and going every day, connections are vital.

Through a network of real estate agents, home rehabbers, lenders, contractors and others in property investing, you gain valuable insight and new opportunities. So, how do you create a strong network? Which events should you attend to meet the right people in property investing?

Which Real Estate Networking Events Should I Attend?

“As many as you can,” advises Jeff Johnson, a property investor and director of lending at Catalyst Funding, Houston. You never know who you may meet, what deals may arise or what insight you can gain into future opportunities.

Some networking events may be focused on education, while others may be centered around a new service or selling. There are also those events that are more of a get-together of fellow peers, just for conversation, sharing ideas and fun. All can result in opportunities.

Oftentimes, the networking events that are not your preferred atmosphere or style are the ones where you’ll have the most opportunity to grow your network. You’ll likely make connections outside of your current circle.

If a networking event doesn’t result in the connections you hoped for, don’t get discouraged. It’s unrealistic to expect all events to result in an immediate success story for you. The best networking comes from genuine relationships built over time.

How to Prepare for a Networking Event

No.1, when you get there, approach people and talk to them. Don’t be shy. Don’t wait for others to talk to you. Be authentic and build a connection, just as you would any other person. Before the conversation ends, asks to exchange business cards.

Secondly, have a goal in mind. For example, if you’re looking for properties, meet as many wholesalers as you can and sign up for their wholesale lists. If you are looking for funding, have questions in mind to help you evaluate lenders.

Have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish to ensure you spend enough time talking to the right people.

How to Connect to Real Estate Groups in Houston

An easy way to get invited to events is to sign up for e-Newsletters through lenders, real estate agents and others in the industry. These newsletters often include available properties, the latest industry news and event listings.

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