Real Estate Investor Loans

Real Estate Investor Loans with Catalyst FundingFix and Flip (Retail) or Whole tail (Clean up and Market)

Let Catalyst Funding finance your next investment. We will build a comprehensive plan and provide the financing to help you achieve your real estate goals. Let us show you how the power of leveraging funds through hard money can accelerate your income. Catalyst Funding invests in you, not just property.

  • Competitive rates ranging from 6.99% to 13.99%
  • The pre-approval process requires minimal documentation. Catalyst usually can provide approval with terms within 24-48 hours. Approvals are good for six months.
  • Borrow up to 75% of ARV with a six-month term with option of extending. Everything from full rehab to simply cleaning up and putting the property back on the market is acceptable.
  • We will provide lending that is right for you:  Hard Money Loans, Long-Term Conventional Loans or Non-Conventional Portfolio Products.
  • While other companies can offer financing, few offer the level of customer service and experience available through Catalyst Funding. We deliver clear expectations, prompt communication and follow through on our commitments. Clients appreciate fast financing, with most closings occurring within 10 days of signed contracts.
  • Catalyst Funding provides unrivaled guidance, where every client gets a one-on-one consultation to discuss long-term goals. We examine multiple exit strategies for every deal and espouse a partner-for-life mentality. We even offer a $300 referral bonus if you refer other borrowers who close with Catalyst.

To learn more, contact Catalyst Funding at 832.648.3626.