Hard Money Loan Programs

Do you need cash fast for a real estate investment?

Loan programs available through Catalyst FundingWhen you need cash fast for a real estate rehab project, Catalyst Funding is here for you!

Catalyst has hard money loans for every real estate investor. Whether you are looking to do a complete remodel, convert to a rental property, or simply clean up a property and put it on the market, we can help you secure the financing you need for your next project.

The Catalyst Funding loan process is simple.

  1. Complete a pre-approval online
  2. Receive your approval within 24-48 hours with detailed estimate of fees
  3. Locate your deal and offer with confidence
  4. Once a property is under contract, submit your documents and we do the rest!

Catalyst Funding invests in you, not just your property. Click here to learn more about our loan programs:

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To schedule a meeting or speak with a team member, please call 832.648.3626.