Hurricane Harvey Update

Fellow Houstonians, Texans and/or friends,

Our team at Catalyst Funding would like to send our deepest sympathies to those affected by the terrible tragedy that unfolded over the last week and continues at this time. This is a tough time for everyone in Houston and I am confident we will work together as a city to continually make each day better than the last.

I am incredibly proud of how the city, surrounding communities and brave Americans from all over the country have come together to save lives and start rebuilding.

It will be tough, but I know Houston will overcome and be stronger than ever.

You may not be aware, but Catalyst’s ownership operates another company in which rental properties are held.

Many homes flooded all over the city and there are many tragic stories. We have been working diligently to ensure our tenants can move back into safe homes as soon as possible. We have suspended payments for tenants in flooded homes while they are displaced and are helping these families and our communities in other ways, but we were particularly moved by one story.

Three sisters lease one of our properties; they are Victoria Marquez, her 9 year old daughter Natalie Gonzales, 4 year old son Mike Gonzales, and 2 year old daughter Cali Gonzales. Her sisters Vanessa and Elizabeth Marquez also live in the property, but were not in residence on the day of the flood. Victoria was there by herself, along with her three young children. The videos attached are frightening and heartbreaking. First and foremost, the family made it out safely, thanks to Victoria’s bravery, as well as that of the volunteers and police officers. With that said, these sisters and their children lost nearly all of their possessions and will not be in their home for weeks, if not longer.

Victoria is very proud and did not ask for anything. I urged her to set up a gofundme account so we could help and she was very reluctant at first. She told me she believes in hard work and does not want any handouts; however, after some encouragement, she agreed.

Click here to see a video of the rescue

Click here to see a video of their home

Click here to see a video of their home

There are many ways you can make a difference, including volunteering time or giving money. We included links to many fantastic organizations below.

If you were not affected by the flooding and would like to donate to this family or other great groups, please see the links below for organizations accepting donations to help the victims.  If you want to directly make a difference in Victoria and her family’s lives, I know they would be very appreciative.

Here is the link to the gofundme account for Mrs. Marquez and her family:


As I understand it, all funds will go directly to the family.

If you want to make a difference in other ways, here are some great links as well.

Red Cross

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

JJ Watt Relief Fund

  • If you are a client of Catalyst, we want to let you know we are working diligently to complete your transactions. Loans in processing will close more slowly than usual because we will need to assess and verify any flood damage, but we are working closely with all our 3rd party providers to get your loans closed as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many factors will be out of our hands. Insurance companies, title companies, appraisers and others will have a significant impact on closing timelines. They are working very hard to move as quickly as possible.
  • If you have already closed and need a draw inspection, please send in your request and it will be processed as soon as we can safely access the property.

Be safe and take care!



Wade Comeaux

Founder and President

Catalyst Funding, LLC