Houston Hard Money Loans for Real Estate Investment

Catalyst is the “Financing One-Stop Shop” for Real Estate Investors!

Our Houston hard money loans have made us one of the most trusted hard money lenders in the local area. Catalyst Funding was founded by real estate investors to help others achieve their real estate goals. Our team has completed over 500 real estate transactions. We use that experience to help you make the best, most intelligent decisions.

All bases are covered including purchase, rehab and permanent financing for buy and hold investors.

We love working with newer investors and proffer advice before the project begins, at each draw request and upon project completion. To reduce the chances of contractor-related problems, we supply a second set of highly experienced eyes during each step of the project.

Conventional & Portfolio products are available, meaning we have a product for almost every borrower. To accelerate your portfolio growth, we can close multiple properties at one time.

Finding the Best Hard Money Loan Program For You

Our signature hard money loan programs typically fall into one of two primary categories: loans for fix & flip real estate rehab, and loans for buy & hold real estate purchase. Click on either of the links below to learn more about each type of real estate financing.

House Flipping Loans

Learn more about our signature hard money loans for real estate rehab.

fix and flip loans

Rental Property Loans

Learn more about our hard money loan programs for rental properties.

rental property loans

A hard money loan is an asset-based loan which typically provides capital to purchase and repair distressed real estate. Unlike a traditional mortgage, these types of real estate investor loans can also be used to repair a property that an investor already owns, as well as to purchase a property quickly that needs no repairs.

Hard money loans for real estate can be excellent tools to earn great returns on your investment. They are usually shorter term loans, such as 6-12 months, and are interest-only loans. Hard money lenders are not regulated like banks. Despite the name, the approval process is more inclusive and easier than banks, credit unions, or conventional lenders. Documentation and credit rating requirements are greatly reduced and closing times are significantly shorter - often in as little as 7-14 days. For a variety of reasons including higher risk and shorter terms, the rates and fees are higher than more traditional real estate loans.

Request a Free Hard Money Loan Consultation

Catalyst Funding offers trusted hard money loans in Houston, TX, for real estate investment. In fact, helping home investors and house flippers secure asset-based loans for fix and flip rehab projects is our signature service. We pride ourselves, however, on being more than a hard money lender. We are a real estate investment resource for business savvy investors with the skills and determination to win big in this booming industry.

Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor or you are just getting started, a free one-on-one consultation from Catalyst Funding may be just what you need to help get the most out of your next investment. We’re ready to help you learn more about our signature hard money loan programs in the Houston area.

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