Hard Money Graduation – Take Your Knowledge Further!

Congratulations! You made it through our seven-class series on hard money lending (read the review of our hard money lessons here). Now it’s time to start thinking beyond education and into action.

Take Action with Hard Money Loans

Take some of the lessons in our previous blogs and apply them. Start researching possible hard money lenders, interviewing others in the business, reading testimonials, and asking the companies direct questions.

But you’ve already done that, haven’t you?

It’s time to take the leap and apply for a hard money loan with Catalyst Funding.

The first step to a smooth application is to get pre-approved. Research the lender’s qualification expectations and make sure that you meet them. Because hard money loans don’t require a minimum FICO score, the requirements are generally pretty simple. Once you fulfill those, then find their online pre-approval application. By filling out a pre-approval form, the lenders can get back to you in about 24-48 hours with terms for the loans. How’s that for quick turnaround?

Be ready to communicate your character, the potential of your project, and your passion for said project. Since there is no minimum FICO score, that is how your hard money lender will gauge your qualification for a loan.

A good hard money lender will make this process very easy for you. By outlining exactly what they want from you, the conversation will be quick and painless; it might even be fun! If you are fully invested in your project emotionally, the hard money lender will be more willing to invest financially, making fun a real possibility.

Taking steps to investing in a new project shouldn’t be hard: you should be supported by a quality hard money lender who will support you as you embark on your journey. At Catalyst, we are committed to provide that support for you. Apply with Catalyst Funding today to begin the process to pre-approval and to begin your new project and passion.

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