The Cost of Adding Privacy and Security Features to Your Home Investment Project

Investing in a home that has adequate privacy and security is typically a win-win. Buyers like a private home with added security. Real estate investors love finding a home that already has these features.

But if the property you are considering making an investment in does not have a fence, wall or lighting already in place, should you invest in the upgrade?

Real Estate Privacy & Security Tips to Consider

Outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting consistently tops the National Association of Home Builder’s list of most-wanted outdoor features. Lighting outside provides a sense of security at night, highlights the home and landscaping and can provide a safe pathway to the front door.

Fences and walls. Home buyers with children and/or pets will appreciate a home with an enclosed yard. Not only does it provide a safe place, it also feels like an extension of the home with the added privacy. Fences and walls are also a deterrent for home intruders.

Trees. There are many benefits to trees on a property, from providing landscaping beauty and cool shade to offering privacy from neighboring homes. Along with aesthetics and privacy, trees can also add value to the home.

The National Tree Benefit Calculator can tell you the added property value of a tree species in a particular zip code. It factors in the aesthetics, storm water runoff value, carbon dioxide reduction and energy savings.

Did you know a 24-inch red maple in Houston, Texas, benefits a property by $164/year? Multiple trees on a property can add up quickly!

As you evaluate an investment property and the costs to add privacy and security, take into consideration what homeowners are seeking. Weigh the benefits your target market wants compared to the expense to determine if it will add value to your investment property.

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