Monthly Archives: January 2017

Time is Money: Staying on Schedule When Flipping Houses

When it comes to real estate investing, your profit margin is directly tied to staying on schedule. Job scheduling and job sequencing are extremely important when flipping a house or rehabbing a home as a property investor. The faster you can get the house on the market, the faster and more opportunity you have for profitable earnings. Realize that each day you hold onto a property is costings you something, whether it’s fees, taxes or paying contractors. (more…)...
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Estimating Rehab Costs for Real Estate Investors

Estimating rehab costs correctly can be one of the most difficult --  and crucial aspects -- to successful property investing. If you estimate a fix and flip renovation project too low, you will lose out on your profit. If you estimate too high, another investor will scoop up the deal. (more…)...
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