Monthly Archives: March 2016

Always Check The Zoning

While zoning laws vary from location to location, they can change at any time and can most definitely affect the value of your real estate investment. Before making a purchase, contact the local municipal office or zoning board to find out what zoning laws are in place for the property you are interested in and for the surrounding areas. (more…)...
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Houston Home Sales Up Despite Energy Down

The Houston real estate market managed to resist most of the effects of the energy downturn in February, with home sales up over 2 percent compared to the same month last year. Single-family homes priced between $150,000 and $500,000 recorded positive sales volume while the luxury home segment experienced the biggest decline. (more…)...
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Increase Your Return By Investing in a Home with These 4 Factors

It goes without saying, location, location, location will always be a driver in the resale value of a home. But what makes a specific location boost your return on a property investment? As you look at properties to invest in and flip, consider these 4 location factors that will directly tie into your resale value and return on investment. (more…)...
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