Monthly Archives: August 2015

Deciding Whether to Flip a House or Make It a Rental

When it comes to your real estate investments, you have some decisions to make, including how you're going to use that new property. Should you buy a fixer-upper and flip it for the cash, or should you hold on to a move-in ready property and rent it out? You need to decide what you're looking for before you get serious about shopping, because your decision will affect everything from the location where you buy, to the financing you choose. (more…)...
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Developing a Timeline for Flipping Real Estate

Contrary to popular belief, success in real estate is not just about location. Time is just as important (possibly even more so!) and even though you may have a great deal on the table, timing can occasionally make or break the deal. To flip a house successfully, you have to develop an efficient timetable and stick to it. (more…)...
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