Monthly Archives: June 2015

A Crash Course in Property Taxes for Real Estate Investors

One of the few things that is certain in life is that you must pay your taxes. Well, we guess you technically don’t have to, but we’d recommend doing so. With the complexity of the tax code, we could write an entire series of blogs over the span of a couple months and still not cover everything, so we’ve decided to focus on property taxes for this one. (more…)...
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What to Remember During a Final Walkthrough

You’ve found the perfect real estate deal to invest in, planned out the necessary repairs, and picked the right contractor to get those done. Everything has gone as planned and you’re ready to sell the house, collect the profit, and find the next deal. (more…)...
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Real Estate Surprises to Avoid so You Keep Your Profit

Surprises are bound to happen with your real estate investment journey. Unfortunately these can cut into your profits on the house that you’re rehabbing to flip, but the impact can be minimized through some due diligence in the beginning. Now you’re not going to be able to prevent every possible problem from popping up, but looking for potential issues now will save you a lot of time (and money!) in the future. (more…)...
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